Supply badminton, volley ball, soccer balls and skipping ropes.
More fun and games at the playground.
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Fun and Games

Playgrounds are more than swing sets and slides. We provide volleyball and badminton setups for schools, which need regular replenishment with nets, balls, birds and rackets. Help keep those things in the air!

The more fun the better, so we just add a little simple sports play too. Where site size permits, in addition to the much adored playground equipment, Playground Builders provides volleyball nets and balls, and badminton nets, rackets and birdies. Sometimes a few soccer balls are thrown in for those burgeoning football players.

However, like the playgrounds, these play things get worn out after continuous use and amusement and need to be replenished. Fortunately, the balls and nets, birds and rackets are easily obtainable from local merchants or are easy to ship from nearby manufacturers. Donations toward these sports games are the easiest and most inexpensive way to give a gift of play. You are giving kids the rare opportunity for teamwork and humble play by rules.

This “play replenishment” project needs funds on a consistent basis to ensure that these simple sports games are always accessible to kids in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.
The Solution

The solution is to provide reliable and sustainable funding toward the replenishment of these team sports items. Monthly donations are ideal. Playground Builders monitors, documents and reports all equipment purchases, suppliers and distribution to ensure that we get the best deal

We need to guarantee that all of our school play areas have what they need to keep volleyball and badminton activities going for kids in conflict regions.
The Impact

Many of our playground sites have space for volleyball and badminton play. These team-oriented games add even more smiles, exercise and socialization to the fun and games mix on our playgrounds.

The volleyball and badminton gear is inexpensive, and easy to obtain and distribute.

Keeping these games up and running, keeping the balls and birds in the air, keeps the kids happy and smiling. And all of this gives these kids a reprieve from fear and the psychological trauma of war.
Where does your donation go?

Donations to this project will go directly to purchasing and distributing new volleyball nets and balls, badminton nets, rackets and birdies, and when requested, soccer balls. This project is simple, hugely impactful and provides kids with a framework for team play, exercise and respectful interaction.

This replenishment project needs at least $5,000 in 2017 to renew about 100 play areas by providing new and exciting volleyball and badminton gear (and some soccer balls too).
The Challenge

​The only challenge for this project is funding! Donating to this project is by far the most simple and instantaneous way to give the gift of play. Playground Builders works with field coordinators, who can purchase and distribute the sports equipment as needed and on an on-going basis. They do so immediately upon receiving the funds and get the items quickly to the play areas most in need.
Donate to this cause