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  1. Kirby Brown, Vice President
    In 2007 the light went on for Kirby, when Keith and he were discussing the benefits of play for children in conflict zones. Soon after he became a board member and passionate participant in the pursuit of bringing play to as many war-afflicted children as possible. Having traveled to Central Asia and the Middle East on two occassions, he has seen first hand the incredible before and after effects that playgrounds have on children’s physical and emotional health. Kirby consults in the field of social enterprises and has been an executive in the Tourism and Hospitality field for over a decade.
  2. Mike Varrin, Director
    Mike has been on the Playground Builders board of directors since 2007. As Whistler Blackcomb’s General Manager of Food and Beverage, Mike brings a distinctive flavour to his work with PGB. In 2007, Mike joined PGB founder Keith Reynolds on a trip to the Middle East to see for himself the work done in this region by Playground Builders. Mike was struck by the warmth of the people, the effectiveness of PGB’s local partners and the appreciation of the children. Originally from Thunder Bay, Mike lives in Whistler B.C. with his wife Kelly and their two children, Wynne and Will.
  3. Keith Reynolds, Founder and President
    Keith Reynolds founded Playground Builders in 2007 after funding the construction of playgrounds in The Palestinian Territories. Keith has been an adventure traveler all his life and has witnessed first hand the challenges of daily life in many war-impacted countries. It was very apparent to Keith that children in many of these areas did not have safe places to play and as a result lacked the opportunity to interact and socialize with other children. Not long after funding the construction of playgrounds, Keith left his daily activity from the forest company he partners to be able to donate more time to Playground Builders. Keith lives in Whistler, Canada.
  4. Leslie Anthony, Director
    Based in Whistler for 18 years now, Toronto native Leslie Anthony joined the Playgroundbuilders board in April 2012. An author of several award-winning books, Leslie’s writing interests encompass adventure travel, popular science, ecology and the environment, and social justice. A PhD in Zoology and stints at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum and McGill University’s Redpath Museum belie a career that includes residency on the mastheads of ski and outdoor magazines around the world. Having travelled the globe for many years as a member of the Canadian National Ultimate Team, he was well apprised of the role and benefits of play in the lives of children.
  5. Traci Costa, Director
    Traci worked in the corporate world of investment banking field for over 10 years, with much focus on work and little focus on play. In 2003 after several years of infertility, she was blessed with her first daughter. Her world suddenly became all about play! Dreaming of dressing a little girl for years, Traci realized a lack in the market for good quality clothing that focused on play and empowering children with the independence to dress themselves fuss free, without sacrificing style. In 2006, Traci founded Peekaboo Beans, Playwear for kids on the grow! Traci is fiercely passionate about the benefits of unstructured free play in a world over scheduling and the growing concern of the endless technological distractions. Traci is a Top 40 under 40 recipient in 2010 and has been a strong advocate for creating a culture that supports working families and mothers. Traci and her husband Brad were blessed with another little girl in 2008! Together they play A LOT! .
  6. Joey Houssian, Director
    Joey Houssian joined the board of Playground Builders in May 2013. As Founder and CEO of The Adventure Group, Joey has a deep love and respect for the outdoors and the value that comes from interacting with it. He has a strong conviction that the role of “play” in ones life cannot be underestimated and while Joey has always admired and supported the work of Playground Builders he has been ecstatic about getting more involved in a strategic way. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Joey Houssian now lives in Whistler, BC and Maui, Hawaii.
  7. Basima Roshan
    As long time advocate and volunteer for charitable causes around the world, Basima Roshan fulfilled her dreams last year through playground builders of helping children in her village (in Afghanistan) have a playground. Her long list on international volunteerism and fundraising stretches back to 2001. Since then, she has used her personal vacation time to dedicate herself by working with a refugee camp, orphanages and schools around the world including: India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Greece, El Salvador and Peru. In her everyday Basima works as a Senior Consultant for a Management Consultancy based in Toronto. She possesses an MBA from Queens University and is a Chartered Professional Accountant.