​​​​​Turn your special event into a fundraising event. 
Build a Playground!

It’s a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday and you’d like to gift play instead of buying stuff. Get the group, friends or family together and build a playground!    
   ​Have a Face-to- Face or Virtual Party with a Purpose.
Make the birthday celebration even more special and throw a party with a purpose. Getting married or retiring? A playground for kids in war-impoverished areas, such as Afghanistan or the Palestinian Territories will bring smiles to your loved ones and the kids you support. It’s a win/win, a feel good for all.
   Your special event could raise funds to build an entire playground.

Or your wedding attendees could donate to one of our specific causes or your sports team could pay for certain pieces of playground equipment. A small playground costs about $3,000, a large one about $10,000. A swing set costs about $540 and a slide about $275. It’s easy, and rewarding.
   Playground Builders is here to help make your event a success.

We can provide planning assistance, connections to on-line fundraising sites, photos and presentations to make your face-to-face or on-line event fun and successful. We are also able to provide tax receipts and special recognition through personalized cards and thank-you’s.    

Need Help or Have Questions?
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