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Bring some extra joy to these traumatized kids.
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About Gaza

Playground Builders is kick starting a fresh funding campaign to build playgrounds in war-devastated Gaza in Palestine.

Donations to this project will enable us to facilitate playgrounds this year for kids who see death and destruction on a daily basis. The 2015 war in Gaza along with ongoing incursions, embargos on food, water and basic needs continue to make life for kids unendurable. A recent report from Unicef reveals just how traumatized these kids are and how badly they need reprieve from the war imposed on them by extraneous adult political and religious authorities.

Due to limited space and bombed out neighbourhoods in Gaza, the playgrounds must be strategically placed in communities that are relatively safe from bombing and shellfire from neighbouring Israeli Forces and stray missile fire from rebels within Gaza. Rebuilding efforts are slow and impeded by blockades, which disallow some materials to enter into Gaza.
Your donation will cover the costs of fabricating and painting the play equipment by local contractors, preparing the playground sites to make them level and safe, and for installing the equipment by local people.

Since 2007, Playground Builders has built 5 playgrounds in Gaza. Four of these are located in neighbourhood centres and one at an SOS Children’s Village.

There are more than 750,000 children in Gaza under the age of 14. The average age in Gaza is only 16. These kids need places to just be kids.
Where does your donation go?

All donations to this project will go toward building five playgrounds in areas where kids are currently playing in rubble.
Your donation will cover the costs of fabricating and painting the play equipment by local contractors, preparing the playground sites to make them level and safe, and for installing the equipment. Due to the Israeli imposed blockade, which may not allow some of our traditional building materials for playgrounds to enter Gaza, some of the playground equipment may be pre-assembled and shipped in.
The Challenge

Through no fault of their own, children in Gaza have only ruins and rubble to recreate and play. Our playgrounds will provide a safe and exciting outlet for play and social nurturing away from bombs and conflict.

The children of Gaza are enduring horrible and lasting consequences due to the deaths and destruction they have witnessed during their short lives. Some kids have lived through three wars. A report published in 2016 by Save the Children, entitled “A Living Nightmare: Gaza One Year On”, says 551 children were killed in the 2015 war and 3,436 were injured, of whom 10% suffered permanent disability. One Israeli child was killed during the war, and 270 injured.

The psychological effects on children of continuous war in Gaza are severe. Due to the Occupation’s containment measures and slow rebuilding efforts, these child victims experience little reprieve and no fun time.

Securing safe playground sites is a challenge, although Playground Builders has developed excellent and reliable partners within Gaza who know the communities and make recommendations for playground locations that will have the most beneficial impact on the kids.

Only 225 square kilometers in size, the population of Gaza is estimated at 1.7 million people of whom 765,000 are children. Unemployment is in excess of 90%, and 90% of people are living below the poverty line.
The Solution

Our solution is to bring joy and laughter to these impoverished children by providing safe, cost-effective, locally built and locally managed playgrounds and play areas to as many Gazan neighbourhoods as we can and as fast as we can. With your help, we can build at least three playgrounds this year.
The Impact

The most rewarding aspect of this project is that the impact is immediate! Watching traumatized children playing and laughing without fear and without worry is indescribable. We all know that play creates laughter and laughter creates hope.

These kids are the future of Palestine and may be future leaders of peace in the region.
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